» ♘ P L A Y E R S

JOHN EGBERT (white king)
ROSE LALONDE (black queen)
DAVE STRIDER (black knight)
▸ JADE HARLEY (white knight?)

ARADIA MEGIDO (black rook)
▸ TAVROS NITRAM (white knight?)
SOLLUX CAPTOR (black knight/fucker upper)
KARKAT VANTAS (white queen)
NEPETA LEIJON (black bishop)
▸ KANAYA MARYAM (white rook?)
TEREZI PYROPE (white bishop)
VRISKA SERKET (white bishop)
EQUIUS ZAHHAK (black rook?)
GAMZEE MAKARA (white rook)
▸ ERIDAN AMPORA (black bishop?)
FEFERI PEIXES (black king)

note. bolded means the character is taken but a blog hasn’t been made yet. italics mean someone’s expressed interest. other characters will be open once they become relevant to the plot.


» ♗ D E T A I L S

● This is an AU, aka the characters have lived completely different lives from the ones they have in canon. Some aspects can stay the same (ie John lives with his dad, etc.) but for the most part, no one knows who’s who, what happened to them in SBURB, etcetera. All they know are the new lives they’ve lived now.
● Age range for the characters is 21 years old for the kids (20 if you’re John, what a baby) and 9.69 sweeps (or 10 sweeps to keep it simple) for the trolls.
● They are currently situated in planet Earth where trolls and humans coexist, living ordinary day to day lives with all the comforts the twenty-first century has to offer. Not that it’s all rainbows and butterflies. There’s some tension in there, but it can be brushed aside.
● They all receive a copy of King’s Game with little explanation as to why. You could say your character knew about its exclusive release because they’re an avid fan of MSPA’s games, or you could say they knew nothing about it at all. They don’t even have to play it right away, but one way or another, your character ends up with it and they’re going to play it.

● Think of it as an upgraded version of Capture the Flag/Chess, except the main objective is to obliterate the other side’s King.
● Players either belong to the black side or the white side, but they don’t get to choose. They’ve already been assigned which side they’re on (basically Prospit or Derse).
● They can, however, choose what role they would like to play as: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, or Rook. Each role comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, which are currently TBD right now.
● The battlefield comes with two castles, one for each side. That’s basically where the respective Kings will be at, and probably the only aspect of the battlefield that will remain constant. Everything else can be manipulated to various degrees depending on the role the player has. Obviously a King will be able to influence their entire side of the battlefield, whereas a Rook might be restricted to the castle’s outer walls.
● Basically: they can either beef up their castle’s defenses by designing obstacles around their area of influence or try to storm the other side’s castle and kill some bitches. :B It’s totally up to their style of playing.
● At least two players are required to play, but more players can be added. The maximum is sixteen players; one for every named chess piece role.

● Not so different from the Earth we know and love, but there are some notable differences.
● Since humans and trolls coexist in this world as peacefully as they can, the trolls ended up adopting some of the humans’ conventions as their own, namely the whole adults raise kids thing. They probably saw the benefits in raising wrigglers by themselves, easier to teach them how to fight and cull and—right. Moving on.
● Lusii now come in a manageable pokemon-size. They’re more like “pets” instead of guardians.
● No forced breeding here. What happens instead is much like what went down when the Dolorosa found the Sufferer (in canon); adult trolls just go to where the Mothergrub is kept on the day of hatching and pick out a grub that is the closest genetic match to them.


» ♕ S Y N O P S I S

WELCOME TO KINGSBOUND! This is a Homestuck AU that focuses on how the characters’ lives are gradually influenced by KING'S GAME, a PC strategy game they were all selectively hand-picked to play. Out of millions of people out there, they’re the first ones to get their hands on a copy for whatever reason. Most would think it’s because of some random lottery. Others might even be under the pretense that they’re meant beta test it, to find all the bugs and glitches and have them fixed before the game is released to the world at large. Whatever it is, you’re one of them.

You’ve got the game packaged in a simple white box with only a huge black crown in the middle and the tiny MS Paint Adventures company logo on the bottom left corner. There are no summaries, no critic’s reviews. No directions on what to do first. It doesn’t even come with a player’s manual. It’s just the disc and a white card:

At first glance, it looks innocent enough. It’s a game you could either get addicted to or not; it doesn’t really matter. The graphics look pretty realistic (maybe a little too realistic) though, you’ll give them that. It’s definitely an upgrade from all the previous games the company has released. The gameplay isn’t so bad either, but after playing through the demo, the system locks you out and suddenly you’re looking at three blinking words at your screen.


Player Two? Say what?

You’re about to call it quits and stop for the night when all of a sudden, there’s an alert that says player two has just connected. You’re brought back to a new battlefield, ready to defend your castle or crush your opponent into pieces. You can feel the excitement starting to kick in. You don’t really know who you’re playing against, but you sure hope they’re ready.

Game on.